Mark of Vengeance

Session 2 - Arrival in Thornkeep

"Have you seen my bone structure?"

5-7 Nymm, 1006. Thornkeep, Eldeen Reaches.

Arriving in town, Vidarr and Grok sold the wolf and dire goat pelts at the local leatherworker’s shop. As the party moved farther into town, they found a man bound and gagged in the town square. Investigation revealed he was left by the Iron Jaws, one of the local gangs. Deyna slipped the man a knife to free himself.

While the others were busy with the man in the square, Vidarr and Grok set out on their own adventures. First, they moved 3,000lbs of rocks for a dwarf – the local armorsmith, taking them over to a local mason that he happened to have a crush on. In this way they earned a permanent discount for themselves at his store. They also earned a discount at the mason’s by unloading and moving the rocks inside. Grok and Vidarr hope to use this discount to add a kitchen to the party’s base.

The party reunited at their base, a small alchemy shop to be run by Thonnak. After a brief discussion, Vidaar, Grok, and Hakuur set off for the Thirsty Ogre, a local pub, while Deyna and Beren went to Thornkeep Provisions to look for some new furniture. Deyna was able to upgrade her bed and Beren set the proprietor on the trail of some fine spirits. At the Thirsty Ogre, the trio learned of a number of possible jobs:
- Supposedly a ghost is haunting the Echo Stream
- Gorhall Silvercrown was lost in the Accursed Halls and a reward is offered for his return or proof of his dead. He went searching for the Door of Seven Stars, which has not been opened in thousands of years. Vidarr boasted that he would find Gorhall and open the Door of Seven Stars.
- Brother Eldrast of the Shrine of Battle (Silver Flame) is having trouble handling local undead. Ghouls are rising in the graveyard.

Once again reuniting at the shop, the party were confronted by the members of the Iron Jaws, angry at the party for freeing their prisoner. Vidaar, Hakuur, and Grok ran out of patience and killed three of them. They were then confronted by the leader, but the situation ended without further bloodshed, though the Iron Jaws are likely an enemy now.

Deyna and Beren took Grok to get dinner while Vidaar and Hakuur stayed to guard the shop and to feast on campfire roasted dire goat. While they ate, Deyna and Beren met with Brother Eldrast and learned more about the Ghoul problem, and Vidarr and Hakuur met Nessa Greenfoot, a halfling who runs Greenfoot Provisions, a small mom&pop style business which she runs with Vosk, her huge but simple guardian. Nessa thinks Thonnak is handsome, Thonnak does not understand the relevance of that statement. Nessa traded some eggs for a dire goat haunch.

Once everyone returned to the shop, the party turned in for the night after deciding that in the morning they would head to the Accursed Halls in search of Gorhall and perhaps the Door of Seven Stars. The next morning, they breakfasted on eggs and goat and Beren received a gift of fine liquor from Thornkeep Provisions.

Arriving at the Accursed Halls, the party made their way carefully down, killing a pair of giant centipedes which poisoned Grok and then killing seven goblins who were camped out in a large room. The Goblins revealed they had been sent by Great Chief Graalshk to recover an ancient goblin sword from the days of their empire.



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