Mark of Vengeance

Session 3 - Travel to the Accursed Halls

While Deyna takes Groc back to Thonnak’s Tonics to heal, Vidaar, Beren, Hakuur, and Kalyassa travel back to the Accursed Halls in search of the lost adventurer (and Vidaar plans to open the Door of 7 Stars). When they arrive they notice that the bodies that the team had killed when down here previously, have been dragged off in various areas.

- Found the Door of 7 Stars
- Vidaar tries to push it open…it doesn’t work…
- Copied the writing on the wall
- 7 empty places around the door – looks like we need to fit 7 items in said slots in
order to open the door…

The teams starts looking for the missing guy and decide to head down the right side stair case. Empty room – piles of sand and rubble. Vidaar falls 20ft, most of the floor in the room has fallen in. Vidaar finds a skeleton. (gold and silver pieces). Finds a scroll, Beren reads: scroll of invisibility.

Continue – Grand Chamber
-luminous pool of water
-winged beast is projected
-notice skeletons on stairs
-fight skeletons, kill skeletons – their red energy flies out of the room as
go down. Notice on the helmets: holes above eyes (horns?)
- notice that the tiles are the right size for the holes and take some with them

Continue – Room with demon statue. Eyes are red glowing stones, the team takes the eyes, figuring that they will fit into the door as well. While in the room, they can’t talk, and feel weaker. Once they pull the eyes out of the statue that same red energy leaves and flies out of the room, the same way as the other ones had previously.

Continue – once they leave room they are back to normal strengths and can talk.

Continue – on to the next room. There are 4 dead bodies that stand once the team enters, and a battle begins. They find a sarcophagus in the middle of the room, cracked slightly open. As the fighting goes on, Beren goes down (but is luckily just unconscious). One of the dead beings (the adventurers do not recognize what kind of monsters, men, beings that they could be) drains the energy of Hakuur, and he falls, dead. Kalyassa, shocked at the death of her only friend, screams and runs across the room to attack the being, but to no avail. After some continued fighting, Hakuur stands back up, no longer Hakuur, but now as one of the beings he had previously been fighting and starts to attack Kalyassa and Vidaar. Vidaar yells at Kalyassa to leave. She runs to Beren and gives him a healing potion, and tells him to run, Vidaar is right behind them. Vidaar continues to fight, and as he starts to run away, the corpse of Hakuur continues to attack. Beren and Kalyassa turn back once realizing that Vidaar isn’t behind them, and as they get back to the room, they see that Vidaar has fallen, killed by what was once Hakuur…

Beren and Kalyassa run for their life, out of the Accursed Halls, and back to the remainder of their party.



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