Mark of Vengeance

Session 4 - Mourning and Planning

After the terrible events that transpired in the Accursed Halls (the deaths of Hakuur and Vidaar) Beren and Kalyassa return to Thonnak’s Tonics. Kalyassa runs straight to the bedroom, not saying a word to anyone and slams the door.

Groc: (still slightly woozy from his previous ailments) Where is Vidaar?
Beren: They didn’t make it
Groc: Didn’t make what?
Kalyassa: (opening the bedroom door and screaming) They both died! (slams door again)
Deyna: What happened?
Beren begins to share the story from the Accursed Halls.
Groc stands and walks over to the furnace. He begins a loud, orc-ish yell and begins covering his head in ashes from the furnace. Then he turns and walks outside, following an orc ritual of mourning. He slams his great axe into the ground, bows his head and stands in silence (and will continue to do so for 1 full day per the practice of said ritual).

Brother Eldrast comes by and notices the orc, and starts asking him what has happened, what is he doing? But Groc does not acknowledge his presence. Deyna comes out and explains what has happened and Eldrast invites the party to the Green Forest Inn for a drink. Deyna agrees and Kalyassa decides to follow (though she refuses to talk about it). Beren follows shortly after cleaning himself up a bit.

Within minutes the group has wine in front of them. Kalyassa downs the first glass before any words can be said and is quickly handed another. Eldrast starts asking questions and Beren begins to retell the story. He starts describing the beings that killed their former party members and asks if they sound recognizable. After a time, Eldrast says he thinks they are “wights” and the group hears a voice that says, “That’s what I think too”.

They look around the crowded room and notice a man sitting at the table next to them. They hadn’t noticed him before. It’s the same man they helped out of the stocks when they first arrived in the town. It is quite obvious that he is hiding from someone (or something) and is using the group to shield himself. When asked, he explains that he is hiding from a “misunderstanding” during a game of cards. “I didn’t cheat!” he testifies, “but apparently I was supposed to lose, and I didn’t…” He then changes the subject, turning to Beren and asking him questions of a somewhat personal nature (about his family, his past, if he has anyone special in his life) making Beren unusually uncomfortable and obviously frustrated.

While Beren is playing 20 questions, another man walks up to the table and states that he knows a few things about these “wights”. After some discussion of the creatures, the men are finally introduced to the group: Sayed (the man from the stocks) and Iosef. Both men decide that they want to join the group when they again travel to the Accursed Halls. They want to see the wights and help fight them. The group cannot deny that they will need more help in the adventures to come, and welcome the new men into the party (although are somewhat hesitant to include Sayed as an actual member, being that he is a known “troublemaker” in the town and is not well liked by many of the gangs. And he is also a bit odd, seeming to have multiple personalities, which is somewhat annoying and confusing…)

Brother Eldrast reminds the group that there is still a problem with the ghouls in the graveyard and, perhaps the party wouldn’t mind helping rid the town of that problem before traveling again to the Accursed Halls? Kalyassa (who has remained somewhat quiet throughout the evening) loudly announces that she “just wants to kill something!”

While all of this is happening inside the Green Forest Inn, outside Groc remains unmoving and silent, despite the 3-4 goblins that have begun climbing up his person. They started by poking around at him and, once realizing that he wasn’t moving, started calling him “Tree Man” and decided that he was perfect pickings for goblins such as they. Deyna walks out as they are taking his money pouch and yells at them to leave him alone. The goblins, for some reason, aren’t too put off by Deyna’s threatening appearance and a fight begins. The remainder of the party still inside the Inn, hear the fight and rush outside to see Deyna fighting the group of goblins, while Groc continues to stand unmoving. After some time, some of the goblins run away, while others lay dead in the streets.

About this time, Tarden, a “high ranking” member of society, and some of his goons come out to confront the party. It is quite obvious of Tarden’s disliking of the group. And it is also quite obvious that Kalyassa is having a hard time not slicing him with her Wakizachi. He tells the group that The Great Graalsk is the leader of the Bramble Claw tribe, and he is a goblin. It will not do to have goblins slain in the street and have no one to pay Graalsk a visit and ask if there is some way to repay what they have done. No amount of discussion can be had on the subject. While Deyna tries to explain that the goblins first attacked Groc and then her, Tarden explains that “this is what goblins do” and says that if they want no more further trouble, they had better go to Graalsk and see in what way they can repay him and their tribe for the deaths that have occured.

Deyna and Iosef agree to go to Graalsk, while Kalyassa and Sayed head back to the shop. Kalyassa goes straight to bed. Sayed stops to talk with Thonnak and an interesting exchange is had between the two. Thonnak, not having any idea who this man is, tries to stop him from continuing into the shop. Sayed talks to Thonnak’s rabbit for a moment, before continuing on to a bedroom, despite Thonnak’s confusion and protests.

Meanwhile, Deyna and Iosef head off to meet the Great Chief Graalsk. After getting some items (along with some interesting stories from Zarglazen at his shop), they are led to the chief. After a long discussion he agrees that all debt will be paid if they can bring him the “Cup of Zogg” a relic from the Zogg empire that is technically his, afterall. The cup is in the Golden Fire Tower and they must go there and retrieve it. There is, also, a “Sword of Zogg” and if they can get that too, well, that would be nice. After all: “They took it from him…from his people…from Graalsk!!!”

Deyna and Iosef, probably exhausted from the time spent with Graalsk, agree to the terms and head back to camp.



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