Mark of Vengeance

Session 5: Fun in the Graveyard

((Since Cambria had to duck out sick last time, I figured I’d get us caught up).

Thornkeep. Nymm 8-16, 1006.

The day after the meeting with Graalsk, the party decides to take some time to recover. Grok is still suffering the effects of centipede poison and everyone is still shaken from the loss of companions. Beren uses a week to train at the Goldenfire Tower, learning to control the aspects of magic he can do that have nothing to do with his Mark. He returns at the end of the week a newly christened Sorcerer.

Meanwhile, to further establish his place in the group, Sayid commissions the addition of a proper kitchen to Thonnak’s Tonics and Iozef becomes a regular fixture around the shop when he’s not working in his armory.

After a week, they meet Brother Eldrast and two other priests of the Silver Flame again, who reveal that the minor undead problem he mentioned before has worsened so that skeletons and wraiths have been seen in the graveyard. The party heads to the graveyard to investigate and dispatches a number of skeletons and a wraith, only to see the scattered bones of their enemies coalesce into a huge Bone Golem. A lengthy battle ensues in which Iozef is nearly killed and Beren is knocked unconscious after Sayid is thrown head-first into his face, leaving Sayid with a concussion. Finally, Grok manages to cut the leg out from under the Bone Golem, sending it crashing to the ground in a heap. Sayid and Deyna take a few moments to investigate the graveyard’s crypt, in which they find that one of the two sarcophagi has been opened and the body removed.

With the party once again battered and bruised, the group limps back to Thornkeep to rest and report to Brother Eldrast.



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