Mark of Vengeance

Session 6: Return to the Halls

In which necromancy abounds

Thornkeep. Nymm 17, 1006.

Stumbling back from the graveyard, the party send word to Brother Eldrast that they are in need of healing. The cleric obliges and brings with him the Shrine of Battle’s aged historian, Murfin, and his assistant Taronnel.

While the party is healed, they report what hey discovered in the Graveyard. They learn that the Crypt belongs to Thornkeep’s former ruler and his wife. The body missing appears to be that of the wife, and it is known that one of the new Baron’s cronies was enamored with her and was seen dragging a load toward the entrance of the Accursed Halls. Taronnel also reveals that, if her reading of the situation is correct, the undead problem will grow steadily worse until whatever is causing it is removed. She suggests that in four days, the skeletons and wraiths will reform, and that after a week, new and worse undead with rise. If left unchecked, the undead may begin to build a necropolis and may overwhelm Thornkeep and the surrounding area. With such threats present, the party reluctantly decides they must return to the Accursed Halls.

Returning to the halls, the party finds a troop of goblins in the main room off which the many hallways branch. The goblins are in the midst of some religious service reverences Zog. Through a combination of Ghost Sound and Sayid’s glowing mind blades, the goblins are led to follow the directions of ‘Zog’ down the hallway toward the room where Vidaar and Hakuur met their end. As it turns out, the pit trap Vidarr had triggered had reset and the Goblins fall into it, most of them are killed by the fall. Sayid knocks the last one unconscious with a thrown mind blade.

The party is able to pass the rest of the way unopposed until they reach the Silent Room beyond which is the crypt in which their companions were killed. Scouting ahead reveals Vidaar and Hakuur’s animated corpses shambling about the room. After some final preparation, the party enters the room and attacks, managing to kill the animated corpses, though some members of the party are inflicted with energy drain by the creatures. After the battle, Grok and Kalyassa bid farewell to their old friends; Grok by stripping Vidaar’s corpse and taking a memento of one of Vidarr’s hands, Kalyassa in more socially acceptable ways.

Iozef examines the sarcophagus in the room. Seeing a wealth of useful undead-slaying items, he tries to remove them, only to have a magical trap trigger and inflict him with energy drain. When Beren comes over to look, he sees none of the items Iozef sees, but instead sees the deed to an airship. At this point the party realizes that the sarcophagus has some sort of illusion magic on it. Unable to work past the magic, the party decides to move on.

Sayid, meanwhile is studying the empty wall of darkness at the end of the room’s exit. After being unable to dispel, the party press through into a room of glowing black stone. Only when most of the party has exited the room and Beren is left alone, does a shadowy warrior appear and attack. Hearing Beren’s cries for help, the party returns and attacks the ghostly figure, dispatching it. When slain, the ghost turns into a small gem, yet another key to the Door of Seven Stars.

Pressing on, the party follow a hall around until it deposits them on the upper landing of the main crossroads room. Following the trail of the graverobber, they enter another hallway, following it down into a large room which seems to have been turned into a laboratory of sorts. On a table rests a dissected corpse and over it stands a man. No words need to be exchanged and the party attacks immediately. The necromancer raises goblin corpses to protect him, but Iozef easily dispatches them. A long battle of magic and weapons ensues before the necromancer is finally slain. Injured and exhausted, the party strip the necromancer of his gear while Iozef carefully gathers the pieces of the corpse on the table, and they prepare to return the way they came.



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