Mark of Vengeance

Session 7 "Where the Heart Is"

After leaving the Accursed Halls yet another time, the group heads back to the shop where they find a note on the door addressed to Thonnak’s Tonics:
B.C. Co. 672:
I have been hearing tales of your good work in my travels. Good work.
My deepest condolences on the loss of Hakuur and Vidaar. They were
good soldiers and will be sorely missed. I cannot repay the debt of life,
lost, but Vidaar’s clan and Hakuur’s family have both been sent
payment and supplies as a sign of gratitude. Keep up your work.
Rumblings of your deeds are beginning to echo through the Eldeen
Reaches. It should no be long now before a representative of Briar
reaches out to you. I will be in touch soon.
Captain Barton
P.S. Your new companions may be hired into the B.C. if they so
desire. Have Theodoro draw up the contracts if they wish.

After addressing the note, the party then takes the body parts that were found in the Halls to Thonnak and asks him if all of the parts seem to be there. After looking for a moment, he asks, “Umm, where is the heart?” Heads drop in frustration as the group knows that they recovered all that was left. Someone has the heart, and they know that they must recover it in order to complete whatever they must to place the graveyard back in order.

Thonnak then tells them that the scope of the spirit problem has widened. People are actually seeing spirits (like, actual ghosts) around the graveyard. This does not bode well. They know that they have a time limit to get things back in place. So Deyna, Iozef, Sayid and Kalyassa go to the Shrine of Battle to inform Eldrast and Terenal about the goings on from the travel back into the Halls.

Eldrast leaves as soon as the party enters, apparently having some issues with Terenal. He announces that he will be getting a drink at the Inn. Terenal retells the account of the graveyard and Murphen, who was sleeping in a chair to the side, awakes for a moment and says that if the heart is missing, there’s a good chance that Blackshield might have it.

The 4 then head to the Inn to talk with Brother Eldrast about what they have done and seen, and also ask him about restoring Kalyassa, who was still showing signs of fatigue from the battle. As they enter the Inn, they notice that members of the Iron Jaw are there, and all of their heads turn as they notice Sayid. But they do nothing. After talking with Eldrast, they agree to find the 1000gp to have him restore Kalyassa.

They then sell their Robe of Bones (side note from Cambria: I couldn’t remember if this was actually the title of the bone outfit… so if it is wrong, I apologize!) to acquire the gold to perform the restoration. Once Kalyassa is revived, they head back to the shop. Murphen warns them before they leave to “Beware the Town Square”. Deyna, too tired for another fight, and Sayid, always bewaring the Town Square, head back to Thonnak’s Tonics taking the back way, while Kalyassa and Iozef check the Town Square to see what the warning was about. Members of the Iron Jaw are waiting in the alley’s obviously on the look out for Sayid. After a quick hello, Iosef goes back to his shops and Kalyassa heads inside with no signs of trouble from the gang. Groc is in the process of trying to get Sayid to come with him to the Saddlers (Saladers, according to Groc) to get a weapons harness. Kalyassa warns Sayid (more or less) “They’re out there waiting for you” then goes upstairs to her room. He’s confused: “What? Who?” Kalyassa: “Who do you think?! Who was watching you at the Inn tonight?!” Then slams her door. Unable to sleep, she walks around the room, restless. She toys with the idea of going back into the night to run around and practice some of her new skills she’s recently learned, but decides that they’ve had enough adventure for one day and stays in her room.

Groc heads out to the Saddlers and Sayid, heeding Kalyassa’s warnings, leaves as well, but goes to the roof and runs across the rooftops, meeting Groc there. They notice spirits in the graveyard and one even hanging around close to the Saddler’s shop, as they enter they notice that the worker is obviously nervous, possibly about the orc that walked into the shop, or the ghosts hanging around outside. After negotiating a price and getting “measured”, Groc and Sayid leave and will be back in a few hours to pick up the harness.

On their way back, Groc walking the streets and Sayid the rooftops, Groc gets stopped in the town square by a voice: “Where’s your friend?”
Groc: What?
Another voice: Where’s your friend?
Groc: What?
Another voice: WHERE IS YOUR FRIEND?
Groc: What friend?
Voice: The small one, your friend.
Groc: Thonnak?
Voice: No, Sayid.
Groc: I don’t know Sayid
Voice: You’re lying!
Groc: I’m standing!
Frustrations abound. Some of the members of the Iron Jaw come into the light, some standing back in the alleys still. Sayid ends up on the roof of Thonnak’s Tonics and starts lightly tapping on the window in hopes of getting the attention of another group member. Beren, still awake and having his evening glass of scotch, hears the tapping, goes to the window and sees Sayid jump off the roof top. Back in the square, Groc refuses to give up info on Sayid and the Iron Jaw are tired of waiting. Sayid eventually jumps off a roof top and lands behind an Iron Jaw, knocking him out before being seen. The fight begins.
Beren, once noticing what is going on outside, starts to awake the rest of the party, and they run outside to help Groc and Sayid.
After successfully knocking out the 4 members of the Iron Jaw, Sayid ties them up in uncomfortable and embarrassing positions (as they had previously done to him). But thankfully, they didn’t kill any of the members.

After an actual full night’s rest, the group wakes up and shares breakfast and Kave and heads out to the Saddlers, which is conveniently right next to the graveyard. The young man has the harness ready, and Deyna notices that the owner is missing. She asks the young man (who is the owner’s younger brother), where she is and he informs the group that she disappeared 2 days ago, saying she was going to investigate the graveyard. After promising to look for her, they head out to the graveyard.

They notice greenish hues over some of the graves and a green hue coming from the crypt. Beren detects that these are the auras of spirits that are there. At the foot of the door, there was a note:
I thank you for your gifts. It has been stored in with that dreadful
goblin oracle. She assured me it would be safe with her until the time
comes that you shall need it to finish the ritual. She told me that beast
Graalsk has her searching The Accursed Halls. Please hurry. We must
act quickly. The graveyard grows restless.
Signed: B——- (couldn’t make out signature)

The group then walks into the tomb, and sees Lyssa in spirit form. She says she wants to come back, it’s not as they told them. There is no Silver Flame. There is no Sovereign Host, no Dark Six. Nothing like they were told. She doesn’t want to be there anymore. She wants to be brought back and begs for them to hurry before the graveyard consumes everything. “If you bring me back it will stop”.

They head back to the Shrine of Battle, to talk with Terenal and Murphen about what had just transpired. They then decide they must find the Goblin Oracle, she has the heart, and to do so, they must travel back into the Accursed Halls.

Back in the Halls, they travel the opposite way from the times before and go down some stairs. There is a long hallway and they notice a goblin that has been crushed by some falling rocks from the ceiling. They move carefully down the hallway, with Iozef and Beren having some smaller rocks fall on them, and doing a little damage. Once at the end of a hallway, they come onto a room that has rocks and a deep chasm that goes down at least 30ft. There are columns around the room that are level with the ground the team is on, and water at the bottom of the columns. Not knowing how deep the water goes, or if there is anything lurking in the water, they decide to just jump across the column tops. Although there were a few moments of the possibility of slipping off the sides of the columns, the group successfully makes it across the room and continues on.

They come upon a large chamber. A pool of greenish water is to the right. Stairs lead down between columns to a recently excavated tunnel to the north. There are 4 goblins, one seems to be the oracle. No one in the party has yet to be seen by the goblins, so Kalyassa becomes invisible and sneaks across the room to the oracle. She begins to pickpocket the oracle by looking into larger pouches. She finds 2 vials of acid, a cure light wounds potion and then she finds the heart. She slowly and quietly makes it back into the hallway before being seen. The group decides to head out of the Halls for now, because they want to stop the graveyard issue before it gets worse. They know that they can come back into the Halls later to continue the quest to open the Door of Seven Stars.
They head back to get the body and have Thonnak reassemble the body with the heart included. Afterwards they head back to the Shrine of Battle, seeking help from Murphen and Terenal.
Murphen tells them that Terenal is in her chambers. Then gives them the following advice: bringing a body back is always dangerous business. But Lyssa was well liked, bringing her back would bring much happiness back to the town and the group’s time there would be easier. Iosef goes to Terenal and she tells him that she is leaving. After hearing what Lyssa said about no silver flame, and that all she had known to believe was wrong, she wants to get away.

The group, after much discussion, decides that they will lay Lyssa to rest. They don’t know what will come from raising Lyssa back from the dead: would she become undead, like the wights they had fought in the halls and the creatures of the necromancer? It was not to be risked. They head to the graveyard. The group walks the body back to the crypt. There are spirits that are floating around. Iosef stops and talks to an older gentlemen’s ghost.
The ghost asks: What are you doing with Lyssa’s body?
Iozef: What do you think we should do with the body?
Ghost: Bring her back!
Iozef: Why?
Ghost: Because if she can come back, then maybe we can all come back.

Having a clearer picture of what could happen if they raise Lyssa back to life, they are even more convinced that they must lay her to rest. They walk Lyssa’s body back to the crypt. Her ghost is there waiting, “What did you all decide to do?” she asks. And Groc responds, “Night night.”
Lyssa begins to plead her case and Beren tries to keep her occupied as Groc and Deyna lay the body back into the sarcophagus. As the green light begins to fade, Lyssa says, “If I ever get the chance to come back, I will remember who did this.”

The group leaves the graveyard and Beren says he wants to find the Saddler, since they had promised her younger brother that they would look for her.
The group then begins to track her into the woods around Thornkeep, where they come to a clearing…



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