Hakuur Miyagi'Kor - KIA

The Homeless Sword Saint


Hakuur is a hobgoblin samurai with orange eyes. He is 5’4" and weighs 176 lbs. He currently wears Kikko armor which allows the flexibility he desires when wielding his Katana, Mournbringer. He carries the smaller Wakizashi as a secondary weapon.


Early life and adulthood
Hakuur Miyagi’Kor is of the Rhukaan Taash (razor crown) clan in the nation of Darguun. At some point in his family timeline the bloodline became tainted with the corruption of the undead. The history of this has been lost to the family over time.

Upon the death of his mother, Warlord Vurkaan Larut’Kur provided for Hakuur and his twin brother. The other siblings were parceled out elsewhere. His mother was a fierce, well-respected samurai of the warlord when she fell in battle. She was often away fighting and her offspring were already typically under the care of Larut’Kur and other ‘households‘ among the tribe. Hakuur’s father, permanently injured and weak in hobgoblin terms, had a disreputable job working the fields and had died a few years earlier.

For some reason, Hakuur didn’t seem to develop as quickly as other young hobgoblins. In Vurkaan’s mind, becoming a warrior was out of the question, at least for now. It was either menial labor or worse for Hakuur. Fortunately, Vurkaan noticed the young hobgoblin was fairly intelligent and decided he would be trained to run the general affairs of the tribe one day.

Hakuur despised his plight of being groomed as future ‘little boss‘. How could he see the world if he was constantly trapped at home? Plus, he knew how the little boss treated slaves, and how slaves in general were treated. He would often advocate for their better treatment. This didn’t sit well in a society where the innocent and helpless are enslaved and his compassionate views essentially made him a loner most times. He accepted the fact that slavery was needed in order for the race to thrive, but he didn‘t like it. His constant advocacy for better treatment of slaves was constantly rebuked and he was even beaten upon occasion.

Hakuur does eventually take charge at home and does, indeed, treat the tribe’s slaves with more honor and respect. Through many years of service, the tribe excels and runs smoothly under his adept hand. Thus, his methods are tolerated, if not openly ridiculed.

Middle adulthood
Hakuur’s warrior training began in earnest much, much later than typical for a hobgoblin. This was only due to a sudden stark attrition rate of Vurkaan’s warriors, something almost unheard of in this notoriously fecund society. Now another was to take care of the homefront and Hakuur would train almost non-stop. He discovered he had a fine propensity for wielding a blade and began the study of an intricate form of swordplay known as Iaijutsu. When he attained a basic level of proficiency, Vurkaan presented Hakuur with Mournbringer, his Mother’s katana and a family heirloom.

Hakuur has an intense desire to fulfill the dream of his childhood. He wants to travel and seek adventure. He also wishes to advance his skill with the katana. He often wanders off and constantly beseeches Vurkaan to let him go out into the world. He is constantly rebuked and told his place is to serve where he is.

Major life changing event
As touched upon previously, Hakuur is unique among hobgoblins due to an inherent desire to protect the helpless, especially when their lives are threatened. He has compassion in a society where little of it exists. Indeed, it is due to his desire to aid the helpless which causes the incident that allows/forces Hakuur to finally realize his wanderlust.

During a hunting trip with four others, Hakuur rescued an elvin child cornered by wild beasts. This was done to much jeering and derision by the other members of his party as, of course, the elves are much hated by hobgoblins. Hakuur left his group, taking the young one in hunt for his parents. Whether due to blind luck or fate, they stumbled upon a small, frantic elvin search party. Tensions rise until the young elf explains the circumstances. It is at this time that the members of Hakuur’s hunting party, who unbeknownst to him had followed at a distance, pounced in an attempt to ambush the elves.

Everything became a blur. Hakuur suddenly found himself allied with the elves, fighting his own kind in defense of the ‘hated ones’. When the heat of battle was over, two elves and three hobgoblins lay dead on the field as the last antagonist fled.

Unable to return home, Hakuur was thanked by the elves and they invited the strange hobgoblin to travel a bit with them and the rest of their group. However, Hakuur knew that due to a long history of distrust and hatred among the two races it was inherent that he strike out on his own. The elves provisioned him as best they could and Hakuur began to wander the world as a ronin, seeking adventure and new challenges to perfect his style of swordplay.

Meeting Kalyassa
Hakuur likes to travel at night so he can easier keep to the shadows and take advantage of his darkvision, especially in dangerous areas such as the road he currently found himself on which was known for the more than occasional brigand. Though not one to shy away from trouble, he didn’t needlessly seek it out.

About two hours into his journey, Hakuur noticed a sleeping, or perhaps dead, figure on the side of the road, just up ahead. If not dead, it was certainly a foolhardy place to rest for the night. It stirred. Sleeping… or maybe injured? He decided to investigate further.

Quietly making his way nearer, Hakuur caught movement to the left of the prone figure. A thug was obviously trying to creep up on its potential prey. Hakuur begin to move silently and swiftly to intercept. He arrived just as the thug, dagger in hand, was hovering over the figure, gloating briefly in supposed good fortune. It was all the time Hakuur needed to strike. The person, a female, woke just in time to the wide eyes and gasp of the brigand as Mournbringer ended his time on Eberron.

Hakuur ensured the female he meant her no harm and quickly checked his kill. “Ahh, Thronkol Bastich. Decent reward for he. Prey on defenseless ones does he. Hah! No more.” Looking back to the female, “I Hakuur Miyagi’Kor. Gather things. Not harm you. Hakuur safe. Come go.”

Thus began the relationship between Hakuur and Kalyassa, the gruff hobgoblin and the equally gruff human. Hakuur’s gruffness was mostly due to his race. He wasn’t really as gruff as he sounded, though he often found it difficult to control his anger and impatience. Kalysassa’s gruffness was something else entirely, however Hakuur could never grasp its reason and he was not one to press. He respected and appreciated the young female and her typically quiet, brooding fire.

Over a period of time, Hakuur and Kalyassa have traveled the road together, seeking employment to best utilize their skills. During a particularly lean time, Hakuur noticed an advert for the Blackwheel Company and suggested that maybe they should see about joining….

Must guard his sworn charge (person, place, thing) with all he has: his health, his honor, and his very life.
Must protect helpless individuals if their life is threatened.
Must be loyal to his allies and always work to further the aims of the group.

Hakuur Miyagi'Kor - KIA

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