Iozef Nevski

The Sometimes Forgetful, Sometimes Paranoid Inquisitor


Iozef is a human who stands 6’ tall. He weighs 180 lbs, and has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is a 45 year old retired Inquisitor. His favored weapon is a Bastard sword crafted by himself.


Iozef is the resident swordsmith and weapon maker in Thornkeep and the owner of Echo Wood Arms. A Thranish expatriate who set up shop 5 years ago, Iozef is reknowned throughout the town for his excellent work, especially his lighter blades, and more than a few citizens of Thornkeep have wondered why a man of such obvious talent and pleasant disposition chose to practice his trade here.

Iozef, though mostly known for his lighter blades, prefers to wield a particular bastard sword he made. He is a former Inquisitor and hasn’t practiced as such in several years. Due to this, the 45 year old’s skills have eroded considerably. He is sometimes forgetful and can seem a bit paranoid at times.

He has come out of ‘retirement’ to aide a group of adventurers in thier quest to help rid Thornkeep of evil. He’s not entirely sure he believes the group is here simply to provide ‘muscle’ for the new shop in town and thinks the group may have other motives for being in the area, but has yet to discover them. However, he is more than happy to assist as he has been beseeching the town leadership for a while to help him get rid of the evil that seems to be growing.

Iozef Nevski

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