Kalyassa Navalnic


Physical Description:
The only thing that stands out about Kalyassa is her bright red hair. Everything else about her is boringly average. Average height, average eye color, average skin color, average build. She’s boring. She knows it. She usually wears baggy clothing in darker colors and almost always wears her hood where her face can be kept in the shadows. She is a 22 year old human, studying to be a great Ninja that everyone has heard about but no one knows…

Weapon/Attack of Choice:
Her preferred weapon is the sai, she doesn’t enjoy being in the forefront of any battle, but likes to remain in the shadows, sneaking in when the moment calls for it to wound, disarm, or poison the enemy…or perhaps steal something off his person.

Kalyassa is quiet, she prefers listening rather than talking and is a strong believer in actions speak louder than words. She doesn’t like attention unless it’s approval for a job well done, she’ll always take the credit when it’s due. She rarely shares her opinion unless she is quite adamant about it. She doesn’t like…well, anyone really, except her friend Hakuur. She has a general distaste for others, she lacks manners, kindness, and a general sense of humor. She only meets strangers and most leave her in a worse mood than before. She’s angry over a past she doesn’t talk about and won’t talk about so don’t even try. She’ll be the first to break the rules, the first to do something taboo, and the first to not care about it.

  • She doesn’t have a backstory, or at least doesn’t care to share it with you. She’s 22 and has been on the streets long enough to not care anymore. She left home at a young age with a dream to learn the secrets of the ninja lifestyle and to live a more adventurous life. However, after a few short days on the road it was obvious she had no idea what she was doing, or how she was going to do it. After falling asleep on the side of the road one night, she became the prime target for a thief/brigand/killer/who knows what that seemed to have the idea of hurting/killing/stealing from her. She awoke to this man hovering over her, and before she could scream his eyes widened, he gasped in pain and fell over dead thanks to Hakuur Miyagi’Kor, a hobgoblin who had also left his original home and was out for an adventure as well. Hakuur became like a guardian to Kalyassa due to some sort of ‘personal code’. In a world where she trusts no one and cares for no one and cares nothing about what anyone might think of her, Hakuur is the one exception. They have traveled the road together, always finding odd jobs to keep them occupied and to further hone their emerging skills. One day Hakuur noticed an advert for the Blackwheel Company, it seemed like good money and heck, an adventure to be had…so they applied…*

Kalyassa Navalnic

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