Sayid Ormak

Some kind of half-drow...?


Sayid stands 5’9" and slight. His narrow frame and nervous energy give off the sense of constant motion that calls the word ‘twitchy’ to mind. He is never the less graceful and quick in motion. In combat he wields a pair of blades projected of pure energy.

Physically, he is unusual. Sayid has walnut skin and straw-colored hair with pupil-less amber eyes. His slightly pointed ears give him a fey appearance and he explains his origins as half-drow. It is manifest that he is worried about something or someone and that the information he gives about himself is not entirely true, however many people tend to find his lack of social grace amusing or even charming in some way.

Sayid claims to have run afoul of the Iron Jaws gang after he failed to lose in a card game as he was intended to. His Common is very poor, particularly when dealing with idoms, and he has a tendency to ask strange, questions seemingly of no consequence, but seems to place great store in the answers to them.

For now he has moved into the party’s base at Thonnak’s Tonics, bringing along a horse that looks bred for racing.


Sayid Ormak

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