Teodoro Rasvar

Chaos Gnome, Engineer, and your local Blackwheel Quartermaster


Teodor stands 3’8" and weighs only 38 lbs, but his personality overcomes his small stature to fill the room. A startlingly red and long mustache adorns his face and he peers at the world through the lens of an arcane analyzer he built. Teodor is a skilled craftsman as well as being your supply officer, and can provide members of your squad with the following services. As you are paid for your work, however, the Blackwheel company expects you to cover your own expenses.

For Sale
Any type of adventuring gear or other equipment, tools, or kits (including those made from special materials).

Masterwork Weapons and Armor

+1 armor and weapons of all types (though exotic weapons or weapons of unusual size take 1d4 days to arrive from a supply depot.)

Any 0-1st level oil, potion, or scroll with a caster level of 1.

Teodor can upgrade armor and weapons to Masterwork using his crafting skills.
- Masterwork Weapon upgrade: 150gp
- Masterwork Armor upgrade: 75gp


Teodoro Rasvar

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