Vidarr Longstrider Anakathami - KIA

"Any fool can swing a sword..."


Vidarr is 7’8" and weighs over 300 lbs. He wears scale armor to protect his shoulders and arms, but like most goliaths he leaves chest bare, wearing enough clothing for practical need and protection, but unconcerned with comfort or style. His gray skin is covered in dark mottled patterns and his eyes are entirely blue and seem to glow faintly.


Through general conversation or possibly by reputation, you might know the following:

Vidarr was born in the jungles of Xen’drik and left his tribe – the Kathaals – when he was 14.
- He often tells stories of learning to track and hunt with the chief ranger of his tribe, Kothi Silentbear Vathakanama.

After leaving his tribe, he trained with Kolos, manager of the Ivory Horn stable in Stormreach’s Red Ring.
- Usually this involves a demonstration of Kolos’s ‘Iron Heart’ fighting style.

He later traveled to Sharn and participated in the arena fights of the lower levels.
- In Sharn, he trained with Meira, a shifter of the Red Cloak Batallion until his training was interrupted by his recruitment into the Blackwheel Company. He had been recommended by Kolos.
- Meira taught him the ‘Hunting Pack’ style, which he only learned the basics of before he was recruited.

He is extremely proud of his swordsmanship and prides himself on technique rather than simple power. When discussing swordplay, he regularly states that “Any fool can swing a sword; it takes an artist to be a true swordsman.”

Vidarr Longstrider Anakathami - KIA

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