Mark of Vengeance

Session 1 - Briefing/Setting Out

Adventure Log – Session 1 – to post

First Day on “The Job”
-The group meets in Stormreach, together for the first time, for a briefing session with Captain Barton, their commanding officer. He tells them they will be “setting up shop” in Thornkeep in the Eldeen Reaches, and produces a map of the area. It is well known for its bandits, brigands, ruffians, etc and is a centralized location, easy for the group to seemingly fit in.

Captain Barton then shows the group a wanted poster of Briar, their target. It is rather old and worn, almost hard to distinguish any identifying marks. He’s well known as a bandit and supposed terrorist who stole over 500,000gp and was sentenced to life in the Dreadhold, but escaped when it fell. It is believed that he and his band hang out around the Mosswood near Thornkeep. As far as can be told, they have not pulled off an attack since the fall of the Tower of the Twelve.

Captain Barton gives the mission: to see if Briar was responsible for and/or involved with the terrorist attack. He was near the sight, along with other prisoners from the Dreadhold, but there has been no other evidence of his involvement.
Those in charge believe it will be a good idea to become acquainted with him and join his group. Get him to trust them and they can weed out information. Thonnak will be setting up an alchemy shop in Thornkeep to use as cover for the group.

Once they were through with the briefing session, the group decided to head down to a local theatre/tavern: Athelfrith’s Theatre and the Bard and Feathered. This could give the group time for “bonding” as they were new acquaintances.

Day 2 – Travel by air ship

The next morning Teodoro introduced the group to his desert coffee, Kave, which could boost the energy if they had the fortitude for it. After breakfast they head to the air towers to find Barton, who explains that the flight will take 2 weeks. The group soon notices that with the exception of Barton, there is no crew. They are on a fully automated airship, which many had heard of but not yet seen.

3rd Night of trip – Another meeting with Barton.

Intel says Briar might be starting up his old gang again. Robbing the rich, giving to the poor. The group will have to prove themselves if they want to join him. Don’t go directly after Briar, gain notoriety and have him come to them.
The groups asks about notable groups in the area:
- Blue Basilisks – war veterans, not the bullying/muscle type. Captain Ariann Redderfin – Kyran
—Golden Fire Order – sorcerers
-The Ironjaws – muscle , look out for them
—The 3 Daggers – the thieves guild, strongest faction in Stormkeep, don’t mess with them. Period.
-The Goblins – junkyard Graalsk (Great Chief Graalsk or he won’t talk to you)
—-Wolfsmane Tribe, barbarians outside town. Should know the goings-on in the outside

Day 4 on air ship – Midday

Three warforged land on ship deck, one demands: “Freeze human” and then they attack. They also notice that 1 warforged is flying next to the airship.
After back and forth fighting, Hakuur manages to decapitate one of the warforged! Deyna begins to play the harp and Kalyassa disappears (invisibility caused from Deyna’s harp). As the fight is going on, the group hears Barton yell to not kill the red and gold warforged, listening to Barton, Hakuur manages to knock that one out. A few members of the group notice that while Barton is at the ready with his bow and arrow, he is just watching the battle.
As the fight continues, Vidaar manages to slice one of the warforged in half and Beren Thorn learns that he has the ability to heal while he is climbing over Hakuur. After more fighting, and an awkward moment between Deyna and the head war forged (where he seemingly fell in love with her for a few moments), the battle is ended and the group is introduced to Antonio Stark, who was sent to cause a battle so that Barton and he could evaluate the group’s fighting skills. The biggest critique was that the group needed to work together as a unit, a team.

After the evaluation, Barton informs the group of the plan to drop them off halfway between Greenheart and Thornkeep, it’s a day and a half hike to Thornkeep from the drop off point, but will be easier to get into the town unnoticed this way. The group will need to camp overnight and are told to not contact Barton once they are down, he’s known in Thornkeep and any mention of him could wash the mission if word gets out that they know him.

Once at camp, Vidaar hunts down a Dire Goat for dinner and he and Groc take first watch. Wolves attack camp during the evening as well as a member of the Ashbound, but it is nothing the group cannot handle. They fight off both, with some worry as to whether or not Hakuur will survive, but he does and they are fit to continue on their journey…


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