Some events are so resonant that everyone can tell you where they were when it happened. The Mourning, the Crystalfall in Sharn, the attack by Haze-of-Death, the Second Battle of Scion’s Sound, and now the Fall of the Tower of the Twelve.

Using unknown forces, terrorists believed escaped from Dreadhold somehow undid the magic keeping the Tower floating above Korth and brought it crashing to the ground, killing hundreds including the current heads of Houses Lyrandar and Orien.

Declaring the attack and internal matter, the Twelve have shunned assistance from Karrnath and Thronehold and insisted that they be given time to resolve the crisis on their own. To that end, the Blackwheel Company, the Twelve’s privately contracted mercenary army has been put into action and teams have been sent out across Khorvaire to bring swift vengeance to those responsible.

Mark of Vengeance

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