Mark of Vengeance

Session 8: Audition

No plan survives contact with the enemy.

The Eldeen Reaches. Lharvion 11 – 14. YK 1006

After a few weeks of quiet, the party returns to Thonnak’s Tonics one night to find a job posting nailed to the door offering work to those who are flexible on the idea of ‘legality’ and are willing to ‘risk the wrath of the Houses.’ They are instructed to inquire at The Thirsty Ogre.

Meanwhile, Kalyassa has finally worked up the courage to sort through Hakuur’s things. In doing so, she comes across a small package addressed to her. Inside she finds a hilt designed to fit Hakuur’s katana made of a Khyber dragonshard with a tiny bound air elemental, making the katana light enough to be used in her finesse-based fighting style.

After some discussion, the party heads to The Thirsty Ogre, leaving Grok and Deyna to watch the shop. They inquire from the proprietor, Toomdar, who points them to a rough-looking man in the back. After expressing their interest in the job, they are given the details:

The job is to hijack a shipment of residium being shipped from the Vadalis HQ at Varna to their primary magebreeding facility at Havenglen. Once obtained, the goods are to be brought to Echo Cleft not far from Thornkeep. In return, the party will be likely to receive additional jobs from their mysterious employer, who they guess to be Briar.

While Beren, Kalyassa, and Thonnak discuss the job, Iozef has been watching the other patrons. He spies a red-headed female elf watching the party’s conversation and decides to distract her. Heading over he engages her in conversation. She claims her name is Tiryal and that she arrived with a merchant caravan two days ago. Iozef has his doubts and presses the subject. Suddenly, he detects an attempt to use a sleep spell on him. When this fails, Tiryal excuses herself and departs from the bar.

With the job accepted, the rest of the party prepares to go. Thonnak, however is having words with some drunkards. When things look like turning violent, Thonnak injects the man with a sleeping potion, knocking him out cold. This draws the ire of the rest of the drunks. Beren uses his magic to intimidate them while Kalyassa picks up Thonnak and drag him out of the bar.

A late-night planning session ensues. In the end, the party decides to leave Grok and Deyna behind to guard the shop as their ‘monstrous’ appearance will make them more memorable. Those going plan to catch the shipment when it stops for the night between Varna and Havenglen. They plan to drug the horses and the guards and steal the shipment in the night. When they find the rest stop where the wagon has halted for the night, though, the plan quickly falls apart. Kalyassa and Iozef fail to drug the horses and Iozef is spotted by a guard. Beren and Thonnak rush over from hiding and a fight ensues in which the Vadalis guards display strange elemental powers. After hard fighting, the guards are subdued – and three of them killed. One of the fire-wielding guards has set fire to the rest stop. The part quickly packs up the residium and hitch their own horses to the wagon before bolting into the night.



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