House Shari

House_Shari.jpgAccounts differ about the reemergence of the Mark of Command. Some claim that a remnant of the bloodline remained in Khorvaire bearing the mark, but not realizing what it was. Others claim it was not until a black dragon began gathering tieflings and bestowing the mark that it began to occur naturally again. Still others believe that the death of Ky Shari triggered the Mark’s return. None of these theories are entirely right, but most have at least a part of the truth.

While the Mark of Command originally appeared on members of the Tiefling clan Rukoth in the ancient empire of Bael Turath, the current Dragonmarked House uses the name Shari in honor of its founder. The current patriarch is Arkos Rukoth and the House currently has only one enclave, Vaelyn al Sharoth in Western Breland..
The broadcasting of the news across Khorvaire led many tieflings to travel to Vaelyn al Sharoth, some of whom bore the Mark of Command. Though tiny compared to other Houses, House Shari can boast a few score marked scions, and Arkos believes there are more out there. He hopes eventually to begin sending teams out to find other marked scions and bring them into the House if they wish it.

House Tharashk has proven most sympathetic to House Shari. Indeed the orc and half-orc branches of the House are thrilled to have another ‘monstrous’ race among the Houses. With Tharashk assistance, House Shari has begun work on a House-run military academy to be built in Graywall. Many of the House’s scions had been working as mercenary commanders, and now plan to turn their talents to training the military officers of other nations. Arkos hopes one day the academy might rival Rekkenmark in Karrnath, but recognizes that is a long way off.

Despite Tharashk lobbying, House Shari does not yet have a seat on the Twelve. The other Houses claim that Shari is still too small to warrant a vote. The Twelve have, however, agreed to allow a Shari non-voting observer to be present at meetings of the Twelve.

House Shari

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