The Thronehold Citadel


Formed during the Second Thronehold Conference, the Citadel was the brainchild of Jak Conroy, who is now its Commander. The purpose of the Citadel is to add teeth to the Treaty. The Tribunal has empowered the Citadel to investigate and report on any actions that might be in breach of the treaty or which threaten the general peace of Khorvaire. If the Tribunal deems it necessary, the Citadel can summon the offender to account for himself before the Tribunal. However, officially the Citadel is just a watchdog. If an actual arrest is to be made, the Tribunal goes through one of its usual channels, typically the Sentinel Marshals of House Denneith.


The Citadel is military is structure, with the Commander at the head, and various officers running all the way down to simple agents. Thronehold Agents wear identifying badges when on official business; though they might conceal them when investigating if public knowledge would endanger the mission. These, however, are but the public face of the Thronehold Citadel. Behind the scenes, Commander Conroy has bigger plans, which are carried out by the shadow branches of the Citadel. These branches are not publically acknowledged and there is no mention of them in the Citadel’s charter. Their existence is currently only rumor to most people. Of the leaders of signatory nations, only Queen Haydith of Karrnath, King Halix of Breland, and Calderus of Drooam suspect. Outside the Citadel, only Paulo Omaren knows the truth entirely.

The Crimson Codex can be viewed as the inspiration for the Citadel. Its history is detailed in City of Stormreach. In its current form, the Codex is led by Matthew Murdoch, a blind bard from Stormreach. The purpose of the Codex is to study the Draconic Prophecy in an attempt to foresee and forestall any threats to Khorvaire as a whole. It has one of the most widespread spy-rings in Eberron and uses well-placed informants and agents to nudge events in the desired direction.

The Shadow Wardens take matters a step further. Founded in secret, the wardens seek to actively neutralize threats to the peace of Khorvaire. Often this involves espionage and then a well-timed tip to the proper authority, but it can also involve sabotage and even assassination. The Wardens answer only to their commander, a figured known as Summerhawk. Agents are recruited very carefully to ensure the security of the organization. As soon as they are brought in, Wardens receive code names, and are forbidden to reveal their given name to other Wardens so that, if captured, it would be impossible for a Warden to give up his comrades. Only the top-ranking Wardens are aware that Summerhawk and Jak Conroy are the same.

The Thronehold Citadel

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